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For Israeli companies

'Go to India'- with a local partner

Seeking strategic partners:
India is not a country, but rather a sub-continent.

Vast and diverse, it offers the Israeli businessman many different markets and opportunities.

Further more, India is also a gateway: a gateway to marketing your product into the Middle-East as well as the rest of Asia.

When looking to bring your innovation into India, it is critical to identify the right MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY, and secure the right business relationships in place, when launching into India.

Team POLYNATION can help lead you through the delicate business roadmap, required to secure a successfull market entry, with the right local partner/s.

Such services might include:

  • Finding local partners / distributors

  • Setting up a local subsidiary

  • Finding local manufacturing facilities

  • Securing regulatory approval for your product (e.g. medical)

Seeking strategic Indian investors:

Should your company be looking to secure investors towards expanding into India, you might want to consider applying for the Polynation Venture Fund (PVF)- A fund dedicated toward helping innovative Israeli companies expand into India, and beyond.

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