Venture Fund

Invest in launching innovative Israeli technologies- into India

Fund overview

  • The Polynation Venture Fund (PVF) is focused on launching innovative Israeli technologies into the India marketplace- and beyond.

  • The fund will invest in Israeli companies that exhibit the following criteria:

  1. A working product

  2. Early sales

  3. A strong rellevance for the India market

  • Industry Sectors: While the fund is sector agnostics, key areas will include: Hi-Tech, Fintech, Smart Cities, Agri, Water, Smart Manufacturing (Manufacturing 4.0), AI/ML, Logistics, Steel & Mining, Oil & Gas, Foodtech & Food Processing, ESDM, Digital Media & Adtech, HR-Tech.

  • The investors in the fund will be established Indian companies that can offer both capital as well as strategic value in helping launch the new technologies into the local market (strategic investors).

  • Each investment will focus on supporting the Israeli company's expansion into India. This will include such tasks as:

  1. Modifying ('Indianising') the product to suit Indian market needs & regulatory requirements.

  2. Setting up local sales staff & customer service agents

  3. Erecting local manufacturing / assembly / warehousing facilities

  • The fund will be located in Singapore.

Ticket Size & Investment Terms

  • While each investment will be reviewed individually, investments will be upwards from +$300K (+2 Cr Rs) depending on the different industry sectors.

  • Each investment will be co-invested along with an (Indian) strategic partner who will be responsible for launching the Israeli technology, into India and the region.

  • Contact us for a list of Israeli companies seeking Indian investors.

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