For Indian companies

Get a competitive edge- secure an Israeli innovative technology

Getting a competitive edge in India's challenging economy, is a thought on many minds of leading Indian businessmen.
The option either to diversify, or specialise is something that is a consideration in this ever changing business environment.

A 'Strategic Scouting Visit' to Israel

One solution growing more popular these past few years, is to visit Israel on a TECHNOLOGY SCOUTING TRIP, looking to secure an innovative product / service.

Israeli companies are eager to partner with Indian companies as they see them, not only as a local partner for India, but also as a 'gateway' to other markets in the region.

Team POLYNATION can help structure a tailor-made visit, scouting for companies in right industry sector / lifecycle stage, suitable for your needs.

Investing in Israeli technology geared for India

Another business avenue worth exploring is investing in innovative Israeli companies that are seeking a strategic investor for entering India/ Asian markets.

Such investment might be in the parent Israeli company, or the planned Indian JV, looking to be setup along with an Indian business partner.

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