Our Team

It all starts with- people.


... but you also gotta' love the food.

From Day #1 it's been all about putting together the right team. Nothing is more important than "getting the right people on the bus, and getting them in the right seats"
( Jim Collins, "Good to Great" )

Yuval Susskind

Founder & CEO

" Having been born in Startup Nation yet raised abroad, I"m well aware of the need for innovation to take a global outlook if it is to address global problems."



Yuval is an Industrial Engineer, with an MBA from York University, Canada.

After spending years abroad, he returned to Israel in 2005 to take part in its innovation eco system ever since.

His passion for India, and his global outlook make POLYNATION Ventures the forefront of his career aspirations.


Rahuel Stone


" My extensive involvement in business activities between India and Israel made me aware of the challenges preventing realization of the huge potential, and encourage me to create the right model to overcome them."

With over 17 years of experience in Sales and Management, Rahuel has an in-depth knowledge of working in cross-functional domains like E-Commerce, Logistics, International Trade, Banking, Payments & Consulting. He has held leadership positions at Global Fortune 500 companies like FedEx and Dun & Bradstreet, DHL and American Express. Rahuel has been instrumental in translating his extensive experience to drive the vision and business growth at Tenovia Solutions and Transcendo Global.


Rahuel is the co-founder and Heads Marketing & Strategy at Tenovia Solutions which is a leading eCommerce and Digital solutions company based in India. Rahuel is also the founder of ‘Transcendo Global’ where he sees himself as its "Chief Connector", helping startups Transcend digital and Geographical boundaries.