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Yuval Susskind



Ofir Mizrahi



Jose Mekkallah



" Having been born in Startup Nation yet raised abroad, I"m well aware of the need for innovation to take a global outlook if it is to address global problems."



Yuval is an Industrial Engineer, with an MBA from York University, Canada.

After spending years abroad, he returned to Israel in 2005 to take part in its innovation eco system ever since.

His passion for India, and his global outlook make POLYNATION Ventures the forefront of his career aspirations.

" My extensive involvement in business activities between India and Israel made me aware of the challenges preventing realization of the huge potential, and encourage me to create the right model to overcome them."

Ofir holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and Anthropology/Asian Studies from Tel Aviv U, including the study of Hindi, as well as an M.A. degree in Asian Studies, and an M.B.A degree specializing in Global Business Administration (all 3 degrees cum laude).

In the past decade, Ofir is focusing on the axis between India and Israel, promoting activities for investing, initiating and facilitating business projects between Israel and India.

Ofir offers a combination of knowledge in both South East Asian cultural etiquette and the business world. His experience is based on years of intensive and close work with both Indian and Israeli companies of various capacities.

Having trained in corporate finance in an international environment, I’m well aware of the expectations of the global audience and the investor community from an Indian start-up, and the challenges faced by the new generation entrepreneurs in meeting these expectations”



Jose is a Chartered Accountant with key focus in advising start-ups and mid-market enterprises in their growth strategies apart from assisting overseas business houses expand in India. Now based in Cochin, South India, Jose had a decade long career in international consulting houses [Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, and Ernst & Young] in India and the Middle East.

His passion for innovation and corporate finance has been a driving force behind his association with Polynation

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