COVID-19 Tech

COVID-19 Technologies

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As part of our efforts to help combat the Coronavirus, here are several proven & working technologies that are being used by the public health authorities.

NOTE: All these solutions are currently being used by Public Health authorities.

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The 'Shield' app

Evolved out of the lessons learnt from Israel's national Contact Tracing app, The Shield for Business, is a Contact Tracing app geared for large enterprise clients, that need to protect their staff and business community. The app is applicable for such organisations such as:

  • Healthcare workers

  • Schools & universities

  • Manufacturing & retail

  • Government and military




Stream Tracing

The ability to identify COVID in the sewage system, offers health officials an affordable early-warning system that is easy to implement across large urban centres.

Stream Tracing can be a good solution for emerging markets who are coping with keeping track of the epidemic while eager to open back up the markets.





A crisis of such magnitude needs the expertise of company with a proven track record in such situations. WebDone Media is versed with setting up & operating a Digital Media Task Force, that is skilled in managing a life & death crisis on a national level. 


'HaMagen' app

HaMagen app ("The Protector") is the app endorsed by the Israeli government for Contact Tracing. Approx. 2M Israeli have downloaded the app once it was government approved for its highest standards of privacy & security. 


COVID Telemedicine

With a need to support a rising count of COVID patients, most of which are both remote, and not necessarily in need of hospitalisation, the Israeli Min. of Health has adoped DATOS Health, as nation-wide platform for web-based, autonomous patient monitoring solution. The platform enables a small team of doctors (some even in self-isolation) to manage dozens of patients- remotely ! 



Save on the mounting procurement costs by purchasing the REUSABLE Face Shield.

The shield can be sterilized inside and autoclave or gas sterilizer, for re-use.

Such a feature offers BIG SAVINGS in procurement costs for protective equipment.